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Software solution touching up time and cost

Air Radiators employees, Tracey Bennett (Sales), Rob Howling (Operations) and Csaba Vozar (Business Systems) recently completed the GMC Leadership for Manufacturing excellence program, undergoing a project to streamline the management of one of our customers build schedule (CSV).

The CSV Project Team has yielded results with a touch screen software solution being developed and implemented for all shop floor areas primarily targeting cost downs and improving efficiency.

The new software program (developed in-house) is currently undergoing testing with plans to go live factory wide at the end of March.

Touch screen monitors will be used on the shop floor for tracking and booking production, accessing drawings, 3D models and QA data.

The benefits of the new software will shorten production lead time and provide live data at point of use to enable staff to better manage daily change.

The developed software takes a more proactive approach allowing for the customisation of live information and access to multiple programs on one interface.

When logging into the system, users are presented with a visual main menu that navigates to individual departments at the touch of a button.

Through the new touch screen program, Air Radiators forecast significant savings across paper reduction, elimination of non-value activities, schedule changes and late delivery fees.

The agreement for the new digital direction began with a prototype screen testing the one touch solution for booking completed production.

The prototype has proved many of the envisioned future state activities in the value stream mapping.

Overall, the touch screen implementation will transform shop floor actions to maximise efficiency.