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HVAC Solutions

Providing HVAC systems for use in extreme environments and ambient conditions

Air Radiators incorporating CBM Technologies, designs and manufactures high performance cooling and heat recovery solutions for stationary engines.

Air Radiators, in partnership with Booyco Engineering, can provide HVAC systems for use in extreme environmental and ambient conditions. Our customised HVAC products are reliable, lightweight, require low maintenance and are high performing.

Our customised HVAC packages provide cooling solutions across applications such as:

  • Military armoured land systems
  • Rolling stock – locomotive and saloon builds

Air Radiators incorporating CBM Technologies, designs and manufactures high performance cooling and heat recovery solutions for stationary engines.

We draw on more than 40 years of experience in delivering remote and engine mounted radiator systems for diesel and gas engines.

Our specialist engineers design fully customized, fit-for-purpose cooling and heat recovery solutions for power generation plants, pumping stations, mining and drilling machines, and more. We are experts and problem-solvers drawing from a broad range of radiator configurations including vertical, horizontal, V-pack and skid-mounted packages.

Flexibility in the way we partner with customers and utilize technologies ensure we are your true solutions partner, developing and delivering complete, fully tested and application-ready systems, not simply products.

With in-house manufacturing capability in both Australia and Thailand, we meet the needs of demanding projects, tight timelines and international delivery.

High performance under pressure is the hallmark we imbed into every aspect of our service from engineering design and project planning through to manufacturing, delivery, installation and commissioning.

For over 40 years Air Radiators has delivered innovative systems for base load power generation, standby power, and pumping stations, using combined multi circuit radiators integrating Charge Air, Oil cooling, and Engine Water Cooling in a single package.
Power Generation

Power generation equipment demands the highest degree of reliability and durability. Air Radiators has earned a solid reputation for delivering heat transfer solutions that exceed customers’ expectations for thermal performance and service life across applications including:

  • Reciprocating engines – diesel and gas fuelled
  • Gas turbines
  • Co-generation plant

We understand the specific needs of the power generation market and use our engineering know how and proven technologies to deliver you optimum solutions for each application.


Engine heat is increasingly being recovered to provide thermal energy for adjacent processes. At Air Radiators, we’ve worked with customers to develop co-generation solutions that harvest the enormous amount of waste heat generated by engines using a wide variety of heat exchangers. Typically, the two primary sources of recovered heat are engine jacket water and exhaust gas.

  • Heating required for manufacturing processes
  • Heat for hot water circuits in air-conditioning systems
  • Heating water used for hot water services
  • Ammonia evaporation for chillers and freezers
  • Heated air for process dryers
  • Pre-heating water supply to boilers

Air Radiators designs custom heat exchangers to complement remote radiator systems to meet specified design criteria.

renewable energy

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Air Radiators develops innovative Industrial solutions in partnership with you using a diverse range of products and configurations including:

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