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Ultra Fused

Ultra Fused
Ultra Fused is the leading tube-to-header joint technology in copper/brass radiator core design. This ground breaking development has revolutionized the mechanical performance capability of plate and serpentine fin radiator core construction.

The fusion welded joint at the junction of the tube ends and header plate creates the primary mechanical joint, while solder back-fill facilitates sealing of the joint. The added mechanical support provided by the solder fillet also aids in distribution of mechanical stresses.

Ultra Fused is a field proven technology with over 15 years application experience in a variety of installations including heavy truck, bus, mining and earth moving equipment, rail (locomotives, DMU’s), defense equipment and power generation.

Independent tests have shown that Ultra-Fused is up to 20 times stronger than conventional soft soldered tube-to-header joint designs.

Ultra Fused is a key component in Air Radiators suite of products that allow the company to provide tailored, fit-for-purpose engine cooling system solutions.