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Bar And Plate Radiators

bar plate
bar plate
bar plate
Bar and Plate

Bar and Plate is a high strength heat transfer surface, which offers a wide range of flexibility in design, construction and application.

Manufactured entirely of aluminium, this composite matrix offers excellent thermal efficiency combined with suitability to high pressure applications.

The modular construction method allows the matrix to be configured to suit a variety of internal fluids, including aqueous solutions (water based engine coolants), oils and gases (compressed air, engine turbo air).

Internal turbulators are used to enhance the thermal performance of the core surface, and importantly provide structural support to the overall matrix.

Bar and Plate is suited to operating pressures up to 500psi (3450 kPa), and the construction method used allows coolers to be readily configured to suit specific thermal and dimensional requirements.

Bar and Plate is a key component in Air Radiators suite of products that allow the company to provide tailored fit-for-purpose heat transfer solutions.