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We are renowned for our engineering prowess, our cutting edge technologies and for getting it right

Application Engineering
Application Engineering

The Application Engineering team at Air Radiators draws on more than 40 years of experience servicing our industry to ensure that the right product is designed and manufactured to your specifications.

Our team has detailed knowledge of where our product is used and what our products do. We share this knowledge with the customer throughout our selection process, providing the best solution for the application – first time, every time. Air Radiators speaks the language of your industry.

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We mechanically design every new Air Radiators heat exchanger package using 3D CAD software (SolidWorks).

The significant advantage of this is in understanding precisely how each component will fit or interact with any other component – critical in complex 3D assemblies.

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Air Radiators Heat Exchanger
Air Radiators Manufacturing

Air Radiators’ in-house fabrication capacity enables us to produce complex products with a high degree of quality control in short lead times as part of our solution offering.

We can reliably produce customized products in low volumes while meeting all necessary compliance requirements for our customers including materials specifications, dimensional specifications and traceability.

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Installation, Testing and Commissioning

Our specialised and experienced team have the skills and capability to offer an end to end service experience.

From testing of your plant and equipment to understand the performance and upgrade paths available for your equipment, through to the installation and commissioning of the cooling system, Air Radiators offer a ‘know how’ offered by few .

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Air Radiators Installation and testing