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Axial Fans For Radiators

To complete our cooling solutions Air Radiators has an extensive range of Axial Fans and Impellers  to optimise performance


To complete our cooling solutions Air Radiators has an extensive range of Axial Fans and Impellers  to optimise performance.

As the Australian agent for WingFan and Flexxaire and strong industry alliances our product range covers

Air Radiators has an extensive range of complete tube axial assemblies comprising of a case, impeller, motor and accessories.

This range consists of three main styles:

  • Horizontal tube axial – horizontal air discharge
  • Vertical tube axial – vertical air discharge
  • Venturi tube axial – vertical and horizontal air discharge, suited to low noise and low parasitic power applications

To complement these cases, the following accessories are available:

  • Mounting feet
  • Mesh guarding
  • Wire basket guarding
  • Flange rings
  • Diaphragm plates

Product Breakdown

Using a modular design platform, we can provide packaged cooling systems with a high degree of customization. Design scope includes:

Complete tube axial assemblies comprising of:

  • case
  • impeller
  • motor
  • accessories

The combination of highly refined design tools and vast experience allows the company to deliver innovative cooling solutions for all diesel driven industrial applications.


WingFan Australia is a locally owned distributor for the global WingFan product. WingFan is the most innovative manufacturer of modular axial impellers and its name is synonymous worldwide with reliability and high quality. For more than 40 years, customers have trusted WingFan to deliver up-to-date solutions. WingFan products are used in a wide variety of applications with a strong link to Air Radiators for heat exchanger applications. Our combined know how, and decades of experience enables us to focus on developing a range of blade profiles aimed at meeting your requirements.For more information, visit


For more than 20 years, Flexxaire has been optimizing cooling systems for heavy equipment diesel engines in the forestry, agriculture, mining, construction, recycling, power generation and waste handling industries. Flexxaire’s TAC systems easily allow TAC fans to change direction to purge debris from the radiator. The smart systems can be programmed to purge at automatic intervals or purging can be done manually with the touch of a button. The smart fan system can also function automatically to provide Total Airflow Control (TAC). Flexxaire TAC fans and TAC controls offer infinitely variable pitch. Fan blades move between 0° and 40° based on inputs from a control system that is continuously monitoring engine fluid temperatures. Fans are produced at Flexxaire’s world-class Canadian facility, using state-of-the-art modeling and simulation tools to ensure an elevated quality of design and execution. For more information, visit

Air Screw

The Airscrew range of aluminium axial flow fan impellers complements the other impellers available from Air Radiators. The Airscrew family offers a modular construction and fixed adjustable pitch, which provides a robust, high quality and efficient product suitable to a wide variety of applications and industries. We specifically select impellers to meet each customer’s individual needs. Airscrew impellers are ideal for use in installations requiring large volumes of airflow, at low to medium pressure. Designed with a unique taper locking boss system, (Ezi-Lok), the fan impeller is easy to apply and utilize across many cooling system and ventilation applications. For more information, visit