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Plate heat exchangers

Air Radiators plate heat exchangers offer the efficient and serviceable heat transfer from one liquid to another

 Plate Heat Exchangers
Plate Heat Exchangers

Air Radiators Plate Heat Exchangers offer a company, efficient and serviceable method of heat transfer from one liquid to another. Our Plate Heat Exchangers offer large amounts of effective heat transfer surface in a small footprint.

Air Radiators Plate Heat Exchangers construction materials are:

  • Stainless alloys
  • Duplex materials
  • Titanium
Plate Heat Exchangers – PRODUCTS
  • Offer flexibility and suitability across all process applications from plant based to marine environments
  • Wide range of plates with different thermal characteristics allow highest overall heat transfer rate
  • Gasketed plates fixed between robust pressure clamp plates
  • Allows addition or replacement of plates for changing conditions
  • Plates with corrugated patterns to ensure turbulent flow and fluid distribution across entire plate surface
  • Counter flow design for close temperature differential requirements
  • Zinc plated hardware
  • All bolted construction for ease of service
  • Quality clip-on gaskets available in various material types dependant on application
  • Working pressures in range: 10 – 25 bar
  • Temperature range: -20° – +180°C
  • Weld neck, flanged or screwed connections