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Heat Transfer and Air movement Solutions

Developing and manufacturing heat transfer solutions in partnership with our customers

Engine Cooling

Designing & manufacturing your customised cooling needs


Manufacturing HVAC products in partnership with Booyco Engineering

Technical Expertise

We have the technical expertise and product diversity to service radiators and cooling systems
About Air Radiators

Innovative design and quality manufacturing

Air Radiators is a world-class business committed to the design and manufacture of innovative heat transfer and air movement solutions in partnership with our customers.



alu fIN – The next generation in heat transfer technology

The Alu Fin product comprises of individual finned tubes that are up to 20% lighter than traditional radiators allowing for greater design flexibility and increased thermal performance.

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Customised Solutions



Alu Fin

Alu Fin heat transfer products are comprised of individual finned aluminium tubes flexibly mounted. The high strength, light weight tubes allow for highly customized and modular designs and are easily serviceable and replaceable.


Pin Fin Helically wound copper wire mechanically bonded to the base tube allows a high thermal efficiency heat transfer tube. This technology is suited to a wide range of air-blast cooling applications.


Coil Combining the durability, corrosion resistance and heat transfer capacity of copper with the cost of Aluminium fin, Air Radiator’s coil heat transfer surface offers a high value for money solution in stationary cooling applications.


Ultra Seal Unique silicon grommet tube-to-header joint design proving high performance and durability. This technology resists twisting and vibrating often associated with its applications.


Application engineering
Application engineering
Taking your design specification and our application knowledge, we develop each product as a fit-for-purpose solution, meeting thermal specifications via in-house thermals program and industry standards.
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We mechanically design every Air Radiators heat exchanger package using 3D CAD software to offer a fully compliant and validated engineering solutions to meet your requirements.
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Our in-house manufacturing offers heat transfer matrices, fabrication of supporting structure and assembly of complete drop in cooling packages.
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Installation, testing & commissioning
Installation, testing & commissioning
Offering end to end service, Air Radiators will install, test and commission the cooling system.
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how we work

Air Radiators End-To-End Process

Step 1

Customer Scope
What are your requirements and what is the problem?

Step 2

Solving the problem through application engineering

Step 3

Design & Development
Creating a solution through mechanical engineering and product development

Step 4

Fabrication, core making and assembling the product/s

Step 5

Test & Validate
Testing the product to ensure it meets the customer scope and provides the solution
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