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How Air Radiators Delivers a World Class Service

Excellent customer service should be at the heart of any business. At Air Radiators, we are always pushing for innovation and excellence so that we can keep delivering world-class products and unrivalled services for our customers, every time.

As leading manufacturers of industrial engine cooling solutions in Australia, we understand that cutting edge technologies are crucial for streamlining processes, reducing waste and improving efficiency. Our advanced processes help keep the costs down and make sure you get what you need when you need it.

Reduce waste to increase efficiency

With the high labour costs of producing a labour intensive product in Australia, we know that efficient systems are essential for keeping costs down for our customers. Minimising waste in our system is a top priority at Air Radiators because waste leads to inefficiencies which can cause the price of products to increase.

With a number of innovative methodologies, we are able to minimise wastage, increase efficiency and offer high quality products at competitive pricing.

Effective communication and coordination

One of the biggest areas of wastage that we have been able to eliminate is the time taken to coordinate information between our different departments.

There are many steps of communication involved in the day-to-day of our business. Information from our customers needs to make its way through administration to the shop floor, then out onto the truck to get the product to our customers. Passing information like this from one department to another has the potential to eat up precious time. In a fast paced environment where scheduling can change quickly, it is critical that information is passed on as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Through the use of innovative digital systems called Pronto and Cognos, we are able to eliminate much wasted time on communication. The result is a more efficient process from start to finish.

How we use digital systems to streamline our processes

In order to streamline our processes, we have implemented digital systems which make things simpler and smoother for our team, and allow us to deliver a world-class service to our customers.

This digital system involves having touch screens on the shop floor, meaning our employees do not need to leave the shop floor in order to complete certain tasks. This digital system results in a much faster and more efficient process.

What’s more, the digital interface Pronto allows our information to be available to all departments immediately. Instead of taking hours to manually update information and coordinate with different departments, Pronto allows us immediate, live updates straight from the shop floor.

We believe that this advancement is what puts us in a class above the rest. Digitising all of our information to make it available and live throughout the production cycle gives us the opportunity to focus on what we do best: delivering our customers the highest quality industrial engine cooling products and excellent customer service from start to finish.

What our digital processes mean for you

At Air Radiators, we are committed to satisfying our customers’ engine cooling needs and are continually striving to be the best. We understand that being the best requires innovative thinking and advanced technologies which improve customer experience and keep prices competitive.

How does our world-class digital system benefit you as a customer?

1. Quick, efficient deliveries for our Just in Time customers.

For some of our customers who require regular daily deliveries, we offer a Just in Time service. Thanks to our Pronto digital system we are able to receive updates daily from these customers and respond immediately and efficiently to meet their requirements.

2. Improved communication with our administration.

Our digital system has streamlined our administration tasks, helping us give our customers a speedier service without any hassle. By not relying on paper copies to pass on important information, we save time on printing and delivering the papers to the different departments. With this saved time we are able to focus on looking after our customers needs.

3. Real-time accurate information whenever you need it.

When our customers call up about the status of their job, our administrators are able to give them real-time accurate information without delay. Any changes in scheduling or order requirements can be communicated immediately and accurately through our digital systems.

4. Competitive pricing thanks to less waste in our processes.

Waste in any business leads to inefficiencies which are in turn reflected in a higher cost product. By having less wasted time in our processes, we are able to offer efficient services and more competitive pricing for our customers.

5. Giving you world-class products that are made in Australia.

Though it’s not always easy to be a manufacturer in Australia, we are always striving to be world leaders in industrial engine cooling. Our advanced digital systems make it possible for Air Radiators to keep offering world-class products that are made in Australia and respected on an international stage.