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Air Radiators is known for their quality and reliability in design and manufacture of heat transfer solutions that best suits our customer requirements. For over 45 years, we have been committed to innovative design and quality manufacturing across a variety of industrial markets including mining, heavy truck, power generation, process cooling, rail and defence.

Over the years, we have invested significantly throughout the value chain in plant optimisation and engineering capability to ensure the latest methods and technologies are utilised to deliver the most efficient and cost-effective solution for our customer.

Our end-to-end process in building the right solution for our customersstarts at defining the customer scope through to design, manufacture and testing of each product before final delivery.

What are your requirements and what is theproblem we need to solve?

One of our key business purposes is “to offer high value, reliable and efficient heat transfer solutions engineered to meet our customers’ exacting needs”. Having been in a technical manufacturing environment for decades, we understand the critical need of identifying the problem and creating the absolute best possible solution at the earliest.

Whether it’s the first customer interaction or resolving any after sale service queries, our team of trained and motivated professionals are always willing to help. When we are presented with a new business opportunity, one of our key account managers gets in touch with the customer to gain an in-depth understanding of the customer requirements and their problem. Reliability and trust are our key drivers while establishing a new partnership. To help build trust in our brand, our key account managers take you through the entire journey of explaining who Air Radiators is, how we work and how we go about finding the right solution for you.

Solving the problem through application engineering

Our in-house team of experienced Application Engineershave the in-depth knowledge and experience to ensure that the right product is designed and manufactured to your specifications. We share this knowledge with the customer throughout the selection process, providing the best solution for the application – first time, every time.

Taking the customer’s design specification and user application, we develop a custom fit-for-purposesolution, meeting thermal specification via in-house thermals program and industry standards such as HTRI and KULI thermal design software that includes design features to match the job at hand. Irrespective of the application, Air Radiators has the background to optimize the product for you whether it’s a complete packaged radiator solution, an engine oil cooler or a mobile HVAC system.

Creating a solution through mechanical engineering and product development

Our well-equipped in-house R&D laboratory and our team of engineersplay a crucial role in developing solutions for our customers. We mechanically design every new cooling package whether it be a radiator, Charge Air Cooler (CAC) or an oil cooler using 3D CAD software (SolidWorks).The significant advantage of this is in understanding precisely how each component will fit andinteract with allother components – critical in complex 3D assemblies.This approach assists us in generating a large amount of metadata that is associated with the product and parts (for example, material grade and gauge, finish and paint spec, purchased part or manufactured, weight, COG, outline dimensions, and so on), that straight-away goesthrough to the manufacturing and our customer delivery ERP system.

We also extensively use in-house Finite Element Analysis (FEA)to ensure that the structure is relatively well optimized for cost, weight and performance for any new design and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) capabilityto determine the pressure drop and flow paths through complex geometry – especially on the airside of the heat exchanger where good airflow through core matrices is critical to overall performance.

Fabrication, core making and assembling the product/s

Our one-of-a-kind in-house fabrication capacity enablesus to produce complex products with a high precision towards quality control in short lead times as part of each of our solution offerings.Wecan easily customize products in low volumes while meeting all necessary compliance regulations for our customers including materials specifications, dimensionrequirements and traceability.

The fabrication workshop showcases significant capability in cutting, punching, folding and welding using the latest equipment and machinery to produce parts.Our team has the capability to provide pressure code welding as per ASME and AS1210 standards.

The manufacturing capabilities across our plants in Victoria, South Australia and Thailand utilize a wide range of manufacturing techniques that enable our flexibility to work with aluminium, steel and stainless steel as we manufacture specialized heat transfer products and oil cooler packages for our customers across the globe.

Testing the product to ensure it meets the customer scope and provides the solution

Our highly experienced team of engineershave the skills and capability to offer an end to end service experience.Not only does our team test your plant and equipment to understand the performance and upgrade paths available for your equipment, we ensure efficient installation and commissioning of the industrial cooling system, Air Radiators offer a complete ‘know how’.

Data logging and other non-destructive testing methods including Salt Spray test and Shaker testing, help us to ensure that the team can unlock the mysteries of the performance of your existing system. We analyse this data that allows diagnosis, modification and redesign as required to be made.

Committed to our customers, offering comprehensive after sales support and service centre

Air Radiators is not only committed to the design and delivery of innovative heat transfer solutions and air movement solutions we understand how to keep our products running optimally.

Ourcommitment to customers is driven by our comprehensive after sales support system which offers:

• An extensive range, and continued supply, of OE replacement parts for their products
• Technical assistance from ourskilled team on application, installation and maintenance
• Field service support provides specific advice with regard to service, maintenance and the operation of Air Radiators products.

Our support team of Installation, Commissioning and Service engineers have experience in assisting their customers with proper installation and optimizing the product that they manufacture all around the world.