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AR Oil Coolers

Air Radiators’ range of oil coolers are world-class products which are suitable for applications across the hydraulic, fuels, process and transmission drive cooling markets. Manufactured from a number of different materials including aluminium, steel and copper, Air Radiators supplies AR oil coolers that are suitable for small, medium and heavy duty applications.

For applications that require unique specifications, our range of oil cooler designs can be customised to suit your requirements. We offer both packaged oil systems, which are installed with radiator systems, and stand-alone units, which have self-contained motors and fan drives to manage the heat.

Pin Fin Coolers

Australian-made Pin Fin coolers are compact in size and offer excellent performance for a wide range of applications. They are the ideal choice for fuel, transmission oil and other cooling needs. Manufactured from steel and copper, Pin Fin coolers offer high performance and extended longevity.

Pin Fin coolers use a high thermal efficiency heat transfer tube. Using wound copper wire, the external fin is mechanically bonded to the base tube in all Pin Fin coolers which helps to increase strength and robustness. The density of the external fin and internal turbulator can be varied to optimise the cooler for specific applications.

Wire wound internal turbulators are added to enhance thermal performance for a variety of applications using viscous fluids such as oil and gases including compressed air and steam.

Aluminium Tube and Fin Coolers

Aluminium Tube and Fin coolers are heavy duty coolers that are ideal for large earthmoving and materials handling machinery as they offer excellent performance and efficiency in high temperature applications. Lightweight and durable, these Australian-made oil coolers are custom manufactured to meet your specific sizing and scheduling requirements.

Aluminium Bar and Plate Coolers

Manufactured entirely from aluminium, the Bar and Plate cooler is the industry ‘go-to’ cooler for good performance across the board. It is lightweight and offers excellent thermal efficiency. What’s more, its modular construction method means it can be configured to suit a range of different application requirements and is suitable for a variety of internal fluids including oils and gases.

Aluminium Bar and Plate oil coolers perform well in high pressure and high temperature environments, they are fouling and impact resistant and come with internal turbulators to enhance thermal performance. Aluminium Bar and Plate oil coolers offer a wide range of flexibility in design, construction and application.

Steel Coolers

Made from steel, the Kim Kool oil coolers are the ideal choice for tough environments and heavy duty applications. They are robust and corrosion resistant, offering superior durability and longevity even in high pressure and high temperature environments. These qualities make them a reliable oil cooler for a wide range of applications.

Kim Kool steel oil coolers have been built for pressure applications reaching 5000PSIG and are able to be certified to ASME(U).The cooler’s durable steel fins can be power washed without deformation and an integral by-pass (pressure or thermal) can be included in the design. For applications that require unique specifications, our steel coolers can be designed accordingly.

Copper and Aluminium Coolers

The aluminium plate fin coolers are ideal for small to medium sized applications that require high heat rejection. They have low internal pressure drops, are corrosion resistant and can cope with high pressure and high temperature environments. Air Radiators’ range of Dunham-Bush Aluminium Plate Fin oil coolers are suited for both mobile and stationary applications.

Packaged & Stand-Alone Coolers

The entire range of AR oil coolers are available as custom designs or ‘like for like’ replacement panels. We offer both packaged oil systems and stand-alone units. The fully packaged systems are installed with radiator systems and can come in vertical or horizontal configurations. They include a base frame, fan, fan shroud, guard and motor. The stand-alone units have self-contained motors and fan drives to manage the heat.

For applications that have unique requirements for oil coolers, Air Radiators can accommodate by altering designs to meet your specifications. Our standard and custom-manufactured oil coolers provide first class solutions for innovative heat transfer across multiple industries. When you choose Air Radiators, you choose excellent performance and unmatched quality.

Need More Information About AR Oil Coolers?

For more information about the range of oil coolers that Air Radiators manufactures and supplies, please download the AR oil coolers brochure below.

Air Radiators is a world-class business committed to the design and manufacture of innovative heat transfer and air movement solutions. We are renowned internationally for our quality products which thrive in challenging conditions. From radiators for engines to air and oil coolers, plate heat exchangers and fans for radiators, the wide range of Air Radiators technology empowers a variety of industrial markets including mining, heavy truck, power generation, process cooling, rail and defence.

To discuss your oil cooler needs or find out more about our other products and services, please get in touch with the team at Air Radiators. We look forward to hearing from you.

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