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Skilled workforce behind success of welding automation at Air Radiators
The skilled employees from both the Air Radiators welding team and the manufacturing engineers are the success of our welding automation.

Air Radiators acquired the ‘Motoman’ robot in 2015 to assist in cutting costs, lead times and remain globally competitive.

This particular robotic arm is amongst the top of the line commercially available in the market with a repeatability of 0.06mm.

Robotic automation is now considered a necessity rather than a luxury amid the fourth industrial revolution in order to be level in the market with manufacturing capabilities.

However, the people behind the robot is what truly shows its success.

While programming the robot has become relatively easy, without the engineers and experienced welders input, the process would be a failure.

The robot is set up by a manufacturing engineer in conjunction with the welders experience and techniques.

Air Radiators uses the welding unit daily.