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New website live!

The new Air Radiators website is up and running.

With the rapid changes in technology and software we saw the advantages in developing a new website from the ground up rather than just tweak the existing site.

The new site allows us to develop the platform for greater engagement with our customers by enabling our customers to place and track orders, size and select radiators and parts through to designing your own radiator.

“We recognise the ability to engage with our customers in designing their own radiator as a world first and a very powerful tool in speeding up cooling system design in today’s competitive environment”, said Jamie Baensch, General Manager of Air Radiators.

“This first step in launching the new Air Radiators website comes at a very exciting time for us at Air Radiators. Having celebrated our 40th Anniversary last year, this year we have continued our success with many new projects with customers across the globe.”

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The Air Radiators Team