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Senator Michaelia Cash and Sarah Henderson MP visit Air Radiators
Air Radiators hosted Member for Corangamite, Sarah Henderson, and Senator Michaelia Cash, Minister for Jobs and Innovation in Lara to celebrate steady job growth.

During their visit, the politicians were taken on a tour of the Air Radiators manufacturing plant to better understand the work that is conducted at Air Radiators.

Air Radiators’ company’s profile was also discussed as well as brainstorming ideas to better improve job opportunities.

After the completion of the tour, a doorstop press conference was held in the Assembly section of the factory which was streamed live to the ABC.

The purpose of the press conference held was to discuss the steady growth and creation of jobs (being just under 1 million jobs) as well as the decrease in the unemployment rate.

The politicians then answered questions asked by the media before filming their own video messages.