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Materials team bringing over 65 years of experience to Air Radiators
There is no doubt that the Materials team are 100% committed to the Air Radiators workplace.

Bringing over 65 years of combined experience within the Logistics world to the workplace, the “new look” team have set out for big results.

With a renewed focus, and new targets implemented, the team are fully committed to consistently achieving great outcomes for both internal clients, and Air Radiators Lara customers as a whole.

“We are always looking to improve our service delivery and our ability to meet the changing demands that we all face as a business,” Materials Supervisor, Marcus McEwen said.

“In our world, change is the only constant!”

The team are focused on improving any internal processes engaging in team work to get the job done.

“We always welcome any issues and appreciate learning opportunities, so we welcome feedback for us to continue to evolve.”