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Richard Marles MP discusses local manufacturing at Air Radiators
The Honourable Richard Marles MP visited Air Radiators Lara yesterday to discuss company initiatives and challenges faced by the local manufacturing industry.

Air Radiators General Manager, Jamie Baensch, and Business Development Manager, Jove Manev described to Mr Marles the current state of the market and the new product areas for growth of the company.

“We are now looking more into process cooling as well as traditional heat transfer applications than ever before,” Mr Manev said.

“We are particularly focused on the oil and gas, and HVAC industry.”

With more Australian companies offshoring work, Air Radiators are successfully manufacturing locally to create quality OEM products customised to each client’s applications and environments.

Mr Marles expressed his support for Air Radiators’ skills during his visit.

“Air Radiators is exactly the sort of company that shows how strong the skills are in Geelong,” Mr Marles said.

“Our region has the skills and the entrepreneurs to build world-class, advanced manufacturing export business, and I’m glad Air Radiators is part of our community.”

Also discussed with Mr Marles were the programs focused on increasing manufacturing skills of young people in the community.

Air Radiators currently engage with local government initiatives including Northern Futures, Diversitat and educational bodies such as The Gordon and Deakin University.

Mr Marles and Air Radiators Human Resources Manager, Helen Craven, will be exploring ways to build upon the current Northern Futures program with the support of the Lara and Geelong industrial area.

“There are jobs here, we just need to overcome the barriers to entry,” Mr Marles said.