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Large Radiator repaired for landfill gas reclamation
Air Radiators in Lara repaired the radiator to be used for landfill gas reclamation in Springvale, Victoria.

The bronze-olive coloured radiator stands 3000m wide, 2600mm deep and 2000mm tall being 2450 kilograms in dry weight.

The repair process took 36 labour hours and involved stripping and inspecting the unit; testing the electric motors; sandblasting; painting; cleaning, reinforcing tube joints on Pin Fin panel; installing new cores gaskets and fasteners; and rebuilding the unit.

The radiator was originally manufactured for Energy Development Limited (EDL) in 1996 and was installed in Appin, New South Wales before being relocated for use at Springvale.

The process of landfill gas reclamation involves the gas formed by the waste at a landfill site being captured and used to generate electricity.

The purpose of the repaired radiator is to cool the engine that is burning Methane gas from the landfill site.

Air Radiators engage in such repairs on average once every two months.