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KULI training providing cool solutions
​Air Radiators’ customer facing engineers participated in a three-day training program to learn and refine the usage of KULI software – advanced heat transfer simulation program designed by Magna.

KULI Product Manager, Markus Kovac, a Mechanical Engineer with over twenty years of knowledge in the heat transfer and simulation environment, attended Air Radiators Lara to deliver the on-site training.

Air Radiators acquired KULI software licences to improve selection capability, selection accuracy and ensure a leading edge in product development for their customers.

The training ensured Air Radiators’ customer facing engineers can effectively utilise the software and for product selections to be best optimised to suit customers’ cooling system requirements.

Hands on training using KULI was conducted to model cooling system performance and output data using the inbuilt KULI Lab software.

All Air Radiators attendees will receive training certificates issued by KULI.