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JR-East to Debut Luxury Cruise Train “Shiki-shima” in May 2017

During 2015, Air Radiators provided the cooling systems for JRE’s latest train build, the Luxury Cruise Suite, Shiki-shima.  The name Shiki-shima means ‘ island of the four seasons’, and epitomises the changing landscape and scenery that will be seen as the train cruises around the eastern half of the Japanese main island of Honshu, and into the northern island of Hokkaido.

The luxury train is made up of 10 cars, 4 of these dedicated to lounging and dining, with the remaining 6 cars accommodating the maximum loading of 34 guests in 17 cabins providing 7 Star luxury.  A 3 day, 2 night cruise starts at an estimated US$3000, per person.

Air Radiators were invited to take part in the project through our Japanese partner, Tominaga.  Tominaga supplied the train manufacturer with the 2 x 1800kW, 12 Cylinder 4000 MTU Series engines and the Air Radiators Cooling Systems that are connected to electrical alternators providing electrical energy to power the electric traction motors when the train is not operating on overhead electrified line.  Most of the Honshu Islands north is not electrified with the Hokkaido Island also mostly without electrified railway.

The Shiki-shima is currently undergoing track trials throughout eastern Honshu and Hokkaido ahead of the ‘maiden voyage’ in May 2017.

Shiki-shima – Japanese Pride, with a little bit of Australian Ingenuity.