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Heat Transfer Solutions for Construction & Mining Industry

Air Radiators design and manufacture high performance cooling solutions for both mobile and stationary engines. We customise radiator packages for surface mining, underground mining and material handling. Designing cooling packages that are durable with maximum uptime, our radiators perform through extreme duty cycles in the toughest of environments.

Air Radiators works on an end-to-end process to support our customers from defining the scope through to design, manufacture and testing of each product before final delivery.

We can combine multiple cooling circuits for Jacket Water, Inter-Cooler /Charge Air Cooler, Oil and Fuel to ensure maximum performance in the harshest conditions.

Surface Mining

Air Radiators engineered solutions provide cooling systems that deliver quality results to help keep equipment on the go. Whether it be loading, hauling, or dumping, our products are durable and reliable in the extreme challenges. These challenges include: high ambient temperatures and altitude, heavy loads and constant work. The results speak for themselves. Our products routinely pass 18,000 hours in the field without needing major servicing – providing hours of hard work with an excellent record.

Working in partnership with global mining equipment manufacturers, Air Radiators have developed cooling platforms for Dump Trucks, Excavators, Wheel loaders, Dozers, Graders, Drill rigs and Fracking units which have been rigorously validated time after time at the mine site. With the lowest total cost of ownership and fully modular bolt-on construction for ease of service, our cooling solutions have proven themselves to deliver superior thermal performance and reliability on all major engine OEM’s. Our cooling systems ensure critical engines continue working efficiently and reliably every day across gold mines, coal mines, iron ore, and copper mines.

Durability and reliability are absolutely crucial when designing the right solution, we utilize our full range of heat transfer products from our Ultra Fused Copper/Brass coolers to our uniquely grommeted Alu Fin and Pin Fin individual tube modular heat transfer products. We have learnt that “one solution does not fit all” applications and our experience and our customers unique requirements drive the best outcome for their application.

Underground Mining

The extremes of Underground Mining drive solutions that are unique and draw on our extensive experience in design and manufacturing products that don’t fail. With cooling packages that have thermally validated for MTU, Cummins and CATERPILLAR engine variants, we have the capability to develop solutions that will service your requirement and provide peace of mind.

We cut our teeth in underground mining with our Ultra Fused Copper/Brass radiators. The Ultra Fused technology is the benchmark. The welded joint at the junction of the tube ends and header plate creates the primary mechanical joint, while solder back-fill facilitates sealing of the joint. The added mechanical support provided by the solder fillet also aids in distribution of mechanical stresses. Independent tests have shown that Ultra Fused is up to 20 times stronger than conventional soft soldered tube-to-header joint designs. This fully modular bolt-on construction allows for ease of service and added corrosion protection is available.

Range of Cooling Solutions to serve Mining and Construction Industry

Radiator packages for mining and construction industry are designed keeping in mind the application whether it is being used to surface mining or underground mining. We custom design heat exchanger packages to meet customer specifications.

Intercoolers and After coolers are same and are categorised as a Charged Air Cooler (CAC). Industrial Air Coolers or CAC heat exchangers are available in copper fin/brass tube or aluminium matrix.

The CAC in copper fin/brass tube from Air Radiators incorporate the traditional heavy-duty features offered by a plate fin and tube core construction, combined with the industry leading Ultra Fused tube to header joint technology – The same joint technology used in our Ultra Fused Jacket Water (JW) coolers. Combining these two manufacturing technologies makes a product that is ideally suited to the harshest of operating environments and is truly a unique, fit-for-purpose engine cooling solution.

With the growing acceptance of Aluminium across all industries Air Radiators has developed a very durable and robust alternative to the Copper fin/Brass tube heat transfer matrix. The Alu Fin JW and Ultra Seal CAC range of coolers provide a new level of flexibility in design and operation by replacing the fixed tube to heard joint with flexible grommets. The flexible grommets in Alu Fin and Ultra Seal allow the core matrix (individual tubes in this case) to expand and contract with thermal cycling without failing and provide leak free operation and increased serviceability.

Our Aluminium Bar and Plate range offer a budget concise alternative to our traditional Ultra Fused and Ultra Seal JW and CAC coolers. Made of high strength grade Aluminium our Bar and Plate range offer excellent thermal efficiency, are light weight and can be designed for JW, CAC and oil cooling.

Just as important as the engine cooling circuit is to successful operation Air Radiators’ range of hydraulic oil coolers are designed and manufactured to meet mining and construction industry requirements. Air Radiators can offer hydraulic oil coolers manufactured from a number of different materials including aluminium, steel and copper with the final selection capturing our customers requirements, budget and performance.

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