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Air Radiators and Tominaga Partnering to Secure Japan Rail East Project
Air Radiators first passenger rail cooling module for Japan is complete and currently undergoing testing and validation at VIPAC in Sydney (the only location in Southern Hemisphere capable of handling the size and weight).

The Japan Rail East (JR East) prototype unit has come together as planned and was shipped on schedule to Sydney for testing.  The testing program will cover vibration along with air flow and noise. The test program will be the most exhaustive ever conducted by Air Radiators with the cooling module being completely filled with coolant and operational during the test process.

Once testing is complete the team at Air Radiators Lara will commence the two operational units for despatch to Japan in June.  This latest project continues a strong and proud reputation in Rail DMU projects:

WA – Goninan Prospector Project (14 cars operating between Perth and Kalgoorlie)
WA – Goninan Avon Link Project (4 cars for outer suburban between Perth and Northam)
VIC – VLocity Project Phase 1 (76 car sets between Melbourne and key Regional Centres)
NSW – Hunter Valley Car Project (14 cars operating in Hunter Valley Region)
VIC – VLocity Extension (Further 84 car sets between Melbourne and key Regional Centres)

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