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Air Radiators lodged three new worldwide patents in September 2016 for the Finnovation range of engine cooling products.

FPA Patents in Melbourne acted for Air Radiators on this matter and Principal Tracey Hendy indicated that “Australian manufacturers need to invest in R&D and sell their ideas to the world and patents are the best way to protect that investment.”

Air Radiators’ new Finnovation range Alu Fin and Pin Fin are modular, individually finned and flexibly mounted tubes giving unmatched performance and durability.  The product is available in both copper and aluminium; or even as a hybrid using tubes of both materials.  The Finnovation project led to the development of unique patentable technology.  Carl Morley – Product Development Manager at Air Radiators believes the technology is a “game changer” for customers and provides the “ultimate modularity and design flexibility”.

Air Radiators General Manager Jamie Baensch described the patents as a “landmark event for the company and ensures we stay at the forefront of technology”.  He also expressed excitement at the new prospects and market potential.

Air Radiators looks forward to building on this platform of intellectual property with further innovation in the coming months.