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Employee driven improvements made to transit tool
Air Radiators’ employees have improved the yellow stillages used to hold radiators with the aim of reducing repair times and adding stability for travel.

The Packing department’s Dean Wise and Steve Besei, assisted by Rob Howling, Laurie Cockerell and Matt Stott, have enhanced the yellow stillages used to support the radiators during transportation.

By removing the wooden back board (which require repairing or replacing every five years) and adding a new, adjustable rail fitted to the lower part of the stillage to suit the cowl on the radiator, the team has improved the stability of the radiator for travel and allowed for easier maintenance.

These changes also help to eliminate the chances of the radiator being damaged whilst it is being transported as the rails can be moved to sit in the best possible position on the radiator.

The improvements also saw the addition of adjustable, heavy duty ratchet straps.

Six of the stillages have been modified thus far with the remaining five set to also be updated.

The team is now looking at further improvements by creating attached, adjustable mounting feet.