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Brown and Hurley customers tour Air Radiators
Brown and Hurley, as well as some of their customers, were welcomed at Air Radiators in Lara yesterday.

The purpose of the visit was to gain an insight into the manufacturing processes of the radiators that are in the Kenworth trucks they purchase.

The guests, who came from Yatala in Queensland, were first briefed on the safety protocol and presented with the background of Air Radiators before touring the Air Radiators manufacturing facility.

This tour was an opportunity for them to see how the radiators in the Kenworth trucks are made in the manufacturing plant as well as learn more about the capabilities of Air Radiators.

The areas of focus for the guests was the JIT working cell and the fabrication department, designated entirely for Kenworth, as well as the recently installed touchscreens present throughout the plant, strategically implemented to cut costs and increase efficiency.

The guests were able to track some of their future orders through the production line and see first hand the intensive manufacturing process that goes into each radiator.

Brown and Hurley are a family owned Australian company who sell new and used trucks, trailers and spare parts. They also have workshops to provide servicing and repairs to most makes of trucks and trailers.