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PACCAR Australia Managing Director visits Air Radiators
PACCAR Australia’s Managing Director, Andrew Hadjikakou, visited Air Radiators in Lara yesterday following the company being the recent recipient of the PACCAR Parts Supplier of the Year for 2017.

PACCAR’s Purchasing Manager, Julian Lee and Air Radiators CEO, Don Cormack, also attended joined by Air Radiators General Manager, Jamie Baensch, Sales Manager, Phil Nicol and Kenworth Account Manager, Roger Johnston.

During the visit, Air Radiators provided Andrew with an insight to the 43-year relationship between both companies, showcasing Air Radiators’ proudly Australian designed and manufactured product range.

Air Radiators new technology developments including, Alu Fin, Ultra Seal and Pin Fin were discussed as the innovation path towards continued growth in the Australian truck market.

The facility tour focused on Air Radiators’ significant investments on manufacturing capability, the new Research and Development (R&D) laboratory and the automated workflow of the touchscreens throughout Kenworth manufacturing flow.

PACCAR Australia’s Managing Director, Andrew Hadjikakou, stated the importance of the radiator as a component of Kenworth trucks.

“All our truck designs start with the radiator and grow backwards from there,” Andrew Hadjikakou said.

Jamie Baensch, Air Radiators General Manager, reflected on the strong partnership with Kenworth and the development of new levels of innovation and new products.

“Kenworth Australia represent the last complex automotive style supply chain in Australia,” Jamie Baensch said.

“Air Radiators is proud of our partnership with Kenworth proving manufacturing remains strong in Australia.”

Air Radiators’ designated JIT Cell allows the two companies to work together to have a sequenced supply of all radiator assemblies

Air Radiators have also previously been nominated for Kenworth Supplier of the Year 2016 and 2017.