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Air Radiators replace H-Series panels for Thursday Island power generation unit
The team at Air Radiators were given the task of replacing the H-Series panels made by Air Radiators in 2001 for the power station on Thursday Island.

The team had to replace Pin Fin, and the HT and LT panels because the original components had corroded due to the highly corrosive, coastal environment.

The process took 28.5 working hours and involved redesigning the product, procuring components, making the Pin Fin tubes, welding the steel work, painting, assembling and packing.

The Pin Fin were painted with the Urethane ‘Copon Blue’ coating system to protect the tubes from corrosion from the salt laden air in its the coastal application.

The unit was also redesigned to be all stainless steel to further improve the protection against corrosion.

The unit  is set to be transported by road to Cairns before heading by barge to Thursday Island.