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Air Radiators Thailand welcomes new General Manager

Air Radiators has recently welcomed a new General Manager to their manufacturing plant in Amata City, Thailand.

Petcharat Chantachote, 49, officially commenced work with Air Radiators Thailand (ART) on the 25th January 2018.

With 27 years of working experience, Petcharat has worked in the electronic and automotive industries for Japanese, French and American companies.

Petcharat’s experience lies within supply chain management, sales and marketing, and general administrative management.

Petcharat’s previous role was the Managing Director of a French automotive company specialising in making glass for vehicles.

Prior to this, Petcharat was the company’s Supply Chain Manager.

Air Radiators Managing Director, Gary Washington, CEO, Don Cormack, and Air Radiators Lara General Manager, Jamie Baensch, met with Petcharat during her induction in Thailand.

“I felt very welcomed by Gary, Don and Jamie who flew over to assist with my induction,” Petcharat said.

“This was another part of the induction which showed the company is professional, helpful and very organised.”

Petcharat was attracted to Air Radiators due to the size and strength of the company and its clear plan for progression.

“I like the product as it’s interesting and a challenging new field for me,” Petcharat said.

“My main attraction of the job is the need to stabilise and grow the company.”

The vision for ART with the support of Petcharat’s leadership revolves around the growth of the company which is forecast to double in the next two years.

“We have a good growth plan to achieve not only growth in revenue, but also to introduce new products and improve our facilities, resources and motivate employees.”

Another focus for Petcharat is to work together to both give and receive support from Air Radiators in Australia.

Petcharat enjoys living a close distance to her new workplace with her husband and 17 year old daughter.