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Air Radiators was named the PACCAR Parts Proprietary Suppler of the Year at the 2017 PACCAR Supplier of the Year Awards night on Tuesday, March 27th.

Air Radiators’ General Manager Jamie Baensch and Key Account Manager, Roger Johnston joined PACCAR’s senior management from Kenworth and PACCAR Parts as well as 70 guests from other supplier companies for the awards night at Zonzo Estate in the Yarra Valley.

This award was a result of maintaining excellent delivery lead times, great product support with substantial sales growth from new products, maintaining great relationships with the PACCAR parts team at all levels and delivering very good results on the customer’s key performance indicators.

The PACCAR Parts award contained two categories with Air Radiators winning the proprietary design category.

Air Radiators were also nominated as one of the top three finalists for 2017 Kenworth Supplier of the Year in Category B.

The Senior Management at Kenworth and PACCAR Parts expressed their gratitude for the efforts of Air Radiators and congratulated them on being great suppliers to PACCAR Australia.

 Congratulations to all finalists and award winners.