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Air Radiators Hosts the Kenworth Supplier Council Meeting

Air Radiators were once again proud to host the quarterly Kenworth Supplier Council Meeting on site at our Lara based facility on the 10th December.

The Kenworth Supplier Council was created by Kenworth to bring together their top suppliers on a quarterly basis. These sessions enable Kenworth and their suppliers to share the current status of the business and also discuss innovations and strategy looking into the future. Each quarter is an opportunity for Kenworth and the different suppliers to host the event allowing them to showcase their operation and have open discussions on improvements as well as achievements.

The event kicked off with introductions and welcomes by our General Manager Mr Jamie Baensch. Jamie summarized progress and developments that had been made at Air Radiators since the last visit by the council 2 years ago.

Ms Lisa Pitre, an Investment and Trade Specialist from the Department of Economic Development, was then introduced. Lisa gave a very informative presentation on Victorian Grants for Business that is available to the manufacturing and other sectors. Ms Pitre gave a detailed overview of the following programs and also advised participants to use her department as assistance when applying for support;

•       Local Industry Fund for Transition (LIFT)

•       Future Industries Fund Manufacturing Program

•       Back to Work Program – State Revenue Office

•       Automotive Supply Chain Transition Fund

•       Grow Your Business (GYB)

•       Access Program

•       Support for Automotive Workers – Jobs and Skills Centres

The participants were then introduced to Mr David Elliot from AusIndustry who presented Federal Government Assistance that is available. Mr Elliot’s presentation was also very informative with the council gaining a much clearer understanding of who they are and also where they can help the business sector. Assistance in the following areas is available and participants were urged to contact him for any queries;

•       Streamlining Business Licensing

•       Professional Business Advice

•       Diversification and Commercialisation Support

•       Investing in Skills

•       Import and Export Support

•       Emissions reduction fund

•       National Innovation and Science Agenda

The participants were then taken on a factory tour where the Air Radiators staff had the pleasure of showing the visitors their factory and manufacturing process. All the guests were very complimentary on the level of engagement and interest that was on display by our staff which was very much appreciated.

After the tour, Kenworth Management then reviewed the year against key performance indicators showing a general improvement year on year in all areas paving the way for a positive 2016.

Air Radiators would like to thank Kenworth for the opportunity to host the event once again and also all the participants for the very complimentary feedback we received on hosting the event.

For more information on the assistance that is being offered by the Victorian Government, please click here.