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Air Radiators host Kenworth Supplier Council Meeting
Air Radiators hosted the quarterly Kenworth Supplier Council Meeting today welcoming over 47 attendees to the manufacturing facility in Lara, Geelong. As a supplier of Kenworth, Air Radiators were pleased to host the meeting to showcase the company’s progress in innovation and continuous improvement over the last three years. Guest speaker, Mr Tim Piper from The Australia Industry Group (Ai Group) gave an address providing insight into the State and Federal economic outlook, employment growth including wages, and energy factors affecting businesses in the manufacturing sector. Air Radiators provided the visitors with an overview of three key projects that  have been undertaken to improve shop floor efficiency and effectiveness including;
  1. Automation of Air Radiators’ Kenworth scheduling process – Providing ‘live’ digital data interfaces at point of manufacture
  2. Value Stream Mapping Air Radiators processes – Improvement through lean principles to reduce waste
  3. Investment in Air Radiators’ R&D facility – Building the technology we need for the future of Australian Manufacturing
The guests then were invited on a plant tour providing an opportunity to see how Air Radiators produce just in time (JIT) for Kenworth trucks, highlighting improvements made by Air Radiators’ key projects. The tour involved six stations which showcased particular areas including the R&D facility, the ‘obeya’ room (Japanese for Great Room), materials department, seals and gaskets, core making and the Kenworth Assembly Cell. A particular area of focus was the efficiency of the recently installed, live touch screens used throughout the plant which were strategically implemented to enhance value add and increase efficiency in the plant. The guests were able to witness first hand the intensive processes that goes into each radiator by tracking orders through the production line. Kenworth representatives then addressed the Supplier Council and provided business updates and insights into areas of improvement. The guests ventured to Lara from various locations including Melbourne, Ballarat and Ararat.