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Air Radiators were one of the 540 exhibitors who attended the Australian International Airshow last week, taking place just 10 minutes away from its Victorian facility in Avalon, Geelong.

Exhibiting as part of the Victorian Government Pavilion in the central hall, Air Radiators showcased their defence capability as well as promoting its innovative technology, Alu Fin.

Alu Fin heat transfer products are high strength and highly customisable comprising of flexibly mounted individual finned aluminium tubes.

“Air Radiators is a leading example of how regional businesses such as ourselves contribute to Victoria’s defence supply chain,” Business Development Manager, Jove Manev said.

“Avalon Airshow allowed us to showcase the strength of the supply chain’s capabilities to key decision makers in the industry.”

By employing locally in Lara and Geelong as well as purchasing from Victorian material suppliers, Air Radiators also help create key manufacturing jobs in the region.

Air Radiators has also been part of several local and international trade missions and events with the Victorian State Government including Eurosatory in Paris, InnoTrans in Germany and LandForces in Adelaide.

Occurring every second year at the Avalon Airport premises in Geelong, the Airshow allows the Aviation, Aerospace and Defence industries across Australia and the Asia Pacific region to showcase their technologies, equipment, systems and operational methods.

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