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Air Radiators attending LAGCOE 2015 Trade Show

The LAGCOE event, organized in Lafayette, LA will be held October 27-29, 2015.  This will be an eminent show which will be exhibited by the top leaders of the oil industry, conducted by 480 exhibitors from four countries and attended by 18,000 attendees from forty seven states and twenty six countries. The exhibition will provide an excellent opportunity for the exhibitors to introduce the latest in technology and products which will help in growing the oil industry.  Innovative engineering and entrepreneurial spirit produces solutions for the industry’s ever changing needs effectively and efficiently. The hard working professionals here have real hands-on experience which has increased industry productivity throughout the world.

The LAGCOE, established in 1955, is one of the largest oil and gas industry expositions in the United States. LAGCOE is held biennially in the very heart of America’s energy corridor: Lafayette, Louisiana.  The event helps the exhibitors to meet with their targeted consumers and they can have direct interaction. The exhibitors will be able to share their thoughts and ideas and discuss about the development of the oil and gas industry which will help them to boost up the business.

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