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Warranty Policy

Policy for Heat Transfer & Air Movement Products

1. WARRANTY – Air Radiators Pty Ltd warrants all its heat transfer products against defects in materials and workmanship, for a period of one (1) year or 100,000 kilometres from the date of shipment from our plant in Lara, Victoria. Such warranty shall not apply unless the product has become defective under normal use and service, and has not been subjected to accident, abuse or misuse, or incorrect mounting, or installation, or application. Corrosion, either internal or external, is specifically excluded. Alterations or repairs made in the field, by other than an authorised representative, shall automatically void this warranty. The above warranty is in lieu of other warranties, either expressed or implied, and no other warranties are extended.

2. RETURN OF DEFECTIVE UNITS – After written consent has been given by our authorised representative, all defective products are to be returned, freight pre-paid normal road transport, to our Lara Plant.

3. ADJUSTMENT POLICY – Air Radiators shall, as its option, repair or replace at no charge, any unit under warranty which it determines from its own examination to have become defective under normal use and service. Such examination will be made by our representative at the buyer’s plant whenever possible.

4. LABOUR COSTS – The above adjustment policy does not include reimbursement of any labour costs incurred, to remove defective units, or install replacement units made under warranty.

5. LIABILITIES OF BUYER – Where the defect is found not to be the fault of Air Radiators, the buyer shall be liable for all expenses incurred by Air Radiators at the buyer’s request. Such expense shall include freight, inspection and any repair services performed by us at the buyer’s request.

6. LIMITATION OF LIABILITY – The liability of Air Radiators for any defects in its heat transfer products, shall be limited to the repair or replacement of defective units. Air Radiators shall not be responsible or liable for any other loss resulting from defects in its heat transfer products, consequential or otherwise.