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Kenworth Cooling System

In July this year, Air Radiators provided the cooling system for the 3000th K200 Cab Over Engine Kenworth Australia truck product.  This variant of truck is unique in the Kenworth world, with the USA having long since stopped manufacture of COE models such as the K100 and K125 due to vocation and application reasons.

The K200 remains a key part of Kenworth Australia’s production based on the capability of the K series to offer high horsepower performance whilst still maximising overall combination lengths for linehaul multicombination work.  K200 is also exported to New Zealand in up to 10 x 6 configurations.  Today’s K200 is a far cry from Kenworth Australia’s first chassis build, the K125CR ‘Grey Ghost’ built in March 1971.

The introduction of the K200 in 2011 saw a significantly different supply chain develop for Air Radiators with the package becoming 100% Air Radiators supplied componentry.  From the Air Radiators supplied condenser and Ultra Seal Charge air cooler assembly to the Fibreglass shroud, the product showcases the capabilities of Air Radiators.  Offering one of the highest cooling indexes across the entire Kenworth Fleet, the K200 is designed and manufactured in Australia, for Australia.

Air Radiators acknowledged this milestone with a small celebration shared with the employees that day in and day out provide the product that helps to keep Australia trucking.

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