Oil Coolers

Bar and Plate

Bar and Plate is a high strength heat transfer surface that offers a wide range of flexibility in design, construction and application.

Manufactured entirely of aluminum, this composite matrix offers excellent thermal efficiency combined with suitability to high pressure applications.

The modular construction method allows the matrix to be configured to suit a variety of internal fluids, including aqueous solutions (water based engine coolants), gases (compressed air, engine turbo air) and oils.

The design uses internal turbulators to enhance the thermal performance of the core surface and provide important structural support to the overall matrix.

Bar and Plate is suited to operating pressures up to 500psi (3450 kPa), and our construction method allows coolers to be readily configured to suit specific thermal and dimensional requirements.

Bar and Plate is a key component in Air Radiators’ tailored, fit-for-purpose heat transfer solutions.

Pin Fin

Pin Fin coolers are a high thermal efficiency heat transfer matrix comprising of helically wound copper wire mechanically bonded to the base tube via solder.

Pin Fin coolers suit a wide variety of air-blast cooling applications including process liquids and gasses, oil, diesel fuel, high pressure water and steam. We manufacture Pin Fin coolers using a variety of base tube materials including copper, brass, copper/nickel, aluminium/brass, carbon steel, stainless steel and specialty metals like titanium.

We add wire-wound internal turbulators to enhance thermal performance for viscous fluids such as oil, and for certain gasses, including compressed air and steam.

As the density of the external fin and internal turbulator are variable, we can readily optimize Pin Fin to suit your individual application.

Select from a standard range of models or alternatively, we can custom design coolers for your specific application.

Remote & Free Standing – AOC Coolers

Our AOC Coolers are packaged designs for a wide variety of oil and compressed air cooling applications.

Housed within a heavy duty steel cabinet, each AOC model incorporates 3-phase electric motor, impeller and fan guarding.

The AOC range is available with three alternative heat transfer surfaces:

  • Steel plate fin and tube (Blissfield)
  • Aluminum Bar and Plate
  • Pin Fin (wire-wound heat transfer tube)

The 100% steel Blissfield oil cooler option delivers the highest level of durability and robustness.

Aluminum Bar and Plate provides maximum thermal efficiency, and is suited to cooling applications involving oils and compressed air.

Pin Fin provides high levels of optimization for those applications that require a unique solution.

The modular design concept of the AOC range allows for further customization in the areas of:

  • Marine - optimized corrosion resistance package
  • Underground coal - configured to comply with standards AS2380 & AS 3584
  • Hazardous zone – non-sparking materials and zone certified electrics
  • Alternative fan drives - hydraulic, pneumatic, DC voltage

All AOC series coolers are tested to verify performance and noise outputs.

AOC Remote Coolers represent the best in innovation and flexibility in heat transfer design.


Blissfield air-blast oil coolers are suited to the harshest of operating environments. Manufactured entirely from steel, the strength and durability of this product is unmatched in the heat exchange industry.

Key features of the Blissfield design are:

  • All steel construction with copper braze
  • 500PSI working pressure
  • Durable steel fins that can be power washed without deformation
  • Fin spacing up to 8 FPI
  • Optional integral by-pass (pressure or thermal)
  • One, two, three or four row designs

Select from a standard range of models or, alternatively, we can custom design coolers for specific applications.

For more information www.blissfield.com

Plate Oil Coolers – Brazed

Compact, robust, efficient – this range of plate coolers offers a cost effective and versatile heat exchange solution.

Utilizing the inherent thermal efficiencies of plate heat exchanger design, this unique style of cooler is manufactured entirely from stainless steel and vacuum brazed to ensure leak-free operation, long service life and high strength.

Designed to be installed directly within a radiator coolant circuit, plate oil coolers can be located within the radiator bottom tank or remote mounted within a separate manifold, thus offering a high degree of application flexibility.

Brazed plate oil coolers are a key component in Air Radiators’ tailored, fit-for-purpose, heat transfer solutions.