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Awarded for Our products, Recommended for Our Service

Air Radiators specialises in developing and manufacturing customised heat transfer solutions for engine cooling, hydraulic systems and mobile HVAC applications.

With manufacturing and service facilities in Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia and Thailand, we are dedicated to our customers from design through to after sales service. Air Radiators industrial radiator products serve the power and energy generation industry, trucks and buses, construction and mining, defence, rail, oil and gas and HVAC markets. We understand tough environments, and engineer our products to thrive in challenging conditions.

Air Radiators is known for continually adapting to changing market conditions by transforming the business to position itself as an innovative full compliance solutions provider of engineered products. Air Radiators is part of Australia’s largest radiator group, Adrad, which specialises in all forms of cooling systems and operates under a quality management system certified to ISO9001.

Since 1974, when the company was initially founded, we have won numerous awards for technology, research and development, manufacturing and innovation with the most recent awards in 2019 for our newly developed and launched Alu Fin range of Heat Exchangers with the Geelong Business Excellence Awards and The Victorian Hall of Fame Awards.

Why choose Air Radiators?

Continued investments across our manufacturing plants enables us to stay at the forefront of innovation and efficiency.

The company’s success is underpinned by our investment in equipment, research and development, and creation of new products, while progressing with the changing market conditions. Air Radiators also employs advanced manufacturing and Industry 4.0 digitalisation methods across our facilities to reduce costs, work more efficiently and remain competitive.

Air Radiators’ innovative product range can be seen through its new patented and award winning Alu Fin Heat Exchanger product. Alu Fin packages are constructed with flexibly mounted individual finned aluminium tubes. Replacing traditional bolt-on and fully brazed heat exchangers, Alu Fin packages allow greater design flexibility and increased service life.

Recent Awards and Achievements

Awarded Leader of Innovative Product Development and Commercialisation at the 2019 Victorian Hall of Fame Awards

We are proud of our achievements, both domestically and internationally, including being the sole engine cooling system supplier to Kenworth Australia, the OEM supplier to Hitachi in Japan and Caterpillar in Thailand, Singapore and USA, and the cooling system designer and manufacturer for the Bombardier VLocity train. Air Radiators have also developed an international partnership with Booyco Engineering to diversify and enter the HVAC sector.

As a result of the strong supplier partnership with Kenworth, Air Radiators were awarded the 2016 Kenworth Most Improved Supplier of the Year and the 2017 Paccar Parts Proprietary Supplier of the year. Our Thailand facility achieved a bronze award in the Caterpillar SQEP (Supplier Quality Excellence Process) for 2018, recognising a capability to service the world’s largest mining equipment manufacturer. In 2019, we won the Geelong Business Excellence Award and the Victorian Hall of Fame Award for our patented Alu Fin Heat Exchanger technology.

Innovation Practices

Our new patented and award winning Alu Fin Heat Exchanger technology that allows greater flexibility design and increased service life.
The innovative practices can be seen through our new patented Alu Fin Heat Exchanger technology, developed and manufactured in-house at Air Radiators Australia. Alu Fin packages are constructed with flexibly mounted individual finned aluminium tubes. Replacing traditional heat exchangers, Alu Fin packages allow greater design flexibility and increased service life. Alu Fin is an extremely durable, low cost, lightweight product with increased design possibilities. Due to the individual tube, the product is low fouling and easy to clean being important in arduous, dusty conditions. This also translates to low service downtime and the ability to repair or replace at the point of operation.

Industry 4.0 digitalisation across all departments if our manufacturing operations allow reduced cost and improved efficiency.
We have also taken action to be innovative throughout our manufacturing plant through planned investments. Our Heat Exchange department has been redesigned to optimise floor space and reduce build times. This investment allowed for improved productivity, improved material flow and better person utilisation. Air Radiators have also implemented key digitalisation projects to enhance the value of manufacturing operations including touchscreen solutions and a robot welder. Developed in-house by Air Radiators employees based on Industry 4.0 philosophies and through the Geelong Manufacturing Council’s Leadership for Manufacturing Excellence initiative, the touchscreens have been rolled out across all departments in the plant allowing live scheduling, quicker responses to changes, reduced costs and improved efficiency. The touchscreens are primarily used for tracking and booking production, and accessing drawings, 3D models and QA data. The benefits include shortening production lead time and providing live data at point of use to enable staff to better manage daily change. Air Radiators have also invested in robotic welding in our assembly department to improve quality and efficiency.

Barcoding systems have also been implemented to improve our manufacturing operations and align with Industry 4.0. The use of barcoding systems has allowed Air Radiators to move away from paper and manual entries to a live system. This has led to improved inventory accuracy and productivity time while reducing running costs as there is no typing or printing involved making the process faster and more accurate.

Customer Service

Everyone who works at Air Radiators is a customer service agent as we constantly seek feedback through interactions at all levels and stages of our business process.

Whether it be a structured face-to-face meeting, a phone call or a shop floor conversation, we are always gauging the experience of our customer with a view to continually improve our process, staff and product offering.

As the biggest radiator supplier in Australia, Air Radiators customer base is dominated by global multinational customers who measure our performance and give constant feedback. As a Tier One supplier, our supply chain is long and complex. To manage our supply chain, we use an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software which allows us to use a system of integrated applications to automate processes in managing the data of the many functions related to material supply, finances, production forecasting, quality, customer management, supplier management and human resources.

We are fully compliant to ISO9001 Management Standards, and our train staff to implement Lean philosophies and utilise Six Sigma thinking in our designs.

Our Culture and Environment

Air Radiators started as a family business and has consciously continued to focus on our employees and their families. We are involved in various fundraisers, community support and celebrations for all employees and their families. The workplace culture at Air Radiators is defined by our values and behaviours which include continuous improvement, working in a safe way whereby ‘everyone goes home safe’, and respecting one another.

We empower our employees with skills and opportunities so that we can grow together.

By providing a safe working environment (and ensuring we comply with all employment laws and the Enterprise Agreement), developing employees through training and upskilling, and creating a teamwork focused environment. We recognise our employee’s performance through reward schemes to encourage innovative ideas and ‘above and beyond’ effort.

As Air Radiators move forward with social change, we also adopt and promote inclusiveness within the manufacturing sector. We are an active member of the Woman in Manufacturing Network program in Geelong and have participated in the GMC Leadership for Manufacturing Excellence program since its conception in 2012.

Air Radiators have made significant efforts to improve our environmental impact. Through programs such as the Geelong Manufacturing Council’s Leadership for Manufacturing Excellence Program, we have also improved processes to reduce waste, especially paper usage, in our daily activities. Lean manufacturing practices are employed throughout our workplace ensuring all things are done with the minimum waste.
Given the nature of the markets Air Radiators are involved in, our succession plan involves looking at ways to enter more sustainable and environmental markets including green power generation for wind farms, and electric vehicles.

A key driver of our customer service practice is our community culture. Regardless of our manufacturing location, we foster a community responsibility to build world class teams that can service our customer base. In Australia, our Lara plant is active amongst a number of community platforms including Northern Futures, the GROW program and Geelong Future Leaders of Industry. In Thailand, our plant sponsors the Amata Friendship Sport soccer team, a community-based program to build teamwork among local businesses.

Our progressive thinking and development of a good team culture allows Air Radiators to provide a world class customer experience whilst being a local SME.