Shell and Tube

Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers

Air Radiators offers customized shell and tube heat exchangers to suit clients' specific needs.

We select construction materials to be compatible with each application:

  • Copper, bronze and brass – treated coolants, that is, diesel engine circuits
  • Aluminum brass and Cupro-Nickel – sea water or other untreated fluids
  • Stainless steel – exhaust gas waste heat recovery or surface temperature reduction (hazardous zone), aggressive fluids

Shell and tube heat exchangers can be offered as individual units or as an integrated cooling system (that is, with supplementary cooling elements such as; remote radiators, de-aeration tanks, pumps, internal plumbing, and more) for:

  • Diesel engine cooling
  • Diesel engine waste heat recovery
  • Diesel engine exhaust cooling and waste heat recovery
  • Process cooling
  • Combined heat and power installations
  • Oil cooling – hydraulic, transmission, gear box, and more
  • Steam condensers
  • Engine intercooling

Air Radiators’ shell and tube heat exchangers are a floating-bundle construction with O-ring sealed bonnets.

Shell and tube heat exchangers are a key component in Air Radiators’ tailored, fit-for-purpose, heat transfer solutions.