Plate Heat Exchangers

Plate Heat Exchangers

Plate Heat Exchangers offer a compact, efficient and serviceable method of heat transfer from one liquid to another.

Based on the construction materials including stainless alloys, duplex materials and titanium, Plate Heat Exchangers offer flexibility and suitability across all process application areas from plant based through to marine environments.

Gasketed joints between each plate, with robust clamp bars and sufficient capacity to allow for additional plates, ensures that ongoing maintenance and upgrades can be made within the existing footprint, minimizing downtime for the process.

Plate Heat Exchange Kits

Diesel engines are often used in applications where the installation environment prevents the use of conventional air-blast heat exchangers (radiators), such as emergency electrical generator sets in buildings (basements and rooftops).

Air Radiators offers a unique and versatile solution to these applications in the form of Plate Heat Exchange Kits. Tailored specifically to suit the engine specification, the kits incorporate high efficiency stainless steel plate heat exchangers, packaged with inter-connecting plumbing, de-aeration tanks, vent lines and coolant level indicators. The complete assembly is configured on a skid mounted structure for close-couple mounting to the engine.

Plate Heat Exchange Kits are a key component in Air Radiators’ suite of tailored, fit-for-purpose, heat transfer solutions.