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Air Radiators’ have delivered customized heat transfer systems for On Highway OEM customers for more than 40 years. Air Radiators products are already recognized for their performance in more than 75,000 vehicles.

We design, engineer and manufacture robust cooling systems to meet not just your needs, but also the needs of your customers. That means reliable systems that perform around the clock, mile after mile, in the toughest of conditions.

Heavy transport, passenger fleets and mobile cranes – we focus on keeping them on the road with durability tested and proven cooling packages that minimize downtime. We understand the benefits of joint strength, serviceable construction, field reparability, load capability and modular design. We step up to the challenges of designing to space, component traceability and validation testing.

We will partner with you for a one-off solution or use our in-house manufacturing capability to deliver repeat product to fit in with your production schedules day after day.

When the rubber hits the road, we’re there with you. Backed by our national repair network, Air Radiators’ aim is to provide seamless support to keep you on the road.

“Our commitment to customers is under-pinned by a comprehensive aftermarket sales support system which offers replacement parts service, on-going technical assistance and field service support."

Don Cormack, Adrad Chief Executive Officer

On Highway applications such as heavy transport, buses and mobile cranes are remarkably demanding on engine cooling systems – high duty cycle, high temperature operating environment, excessive vibration and thermal shock (fan off-cycling, turbo cycling) are par for the course.

Air Radiators develops innovative, custom, cost-effective cooling solutions for:

Engine circuits
Air conditioning
Transmission oil, power steering and fuel cooling

Our solutions are durability tested to OEM specifications and feature long-lasting technologies with proven strength, ease of installation and low maintenance.

The challenges of higher heat rejection levels, demand for increased engine power, lower noise levels, fuel savings, reduced weight and space restrictions call for unique solutions. At Air Radiators, we use highly refined design tools and vast experience to develop solutions across a broad design scope including:

Engine jacket water
Charged air-to-air cooling
Fuel cooling
Fan cowling
Fan, belts and core guarding
Plumbing kits
Deaeration system - external and integral
Fan impeller and fan pulley spacer

We can provide individual components or a completely “dressed” assembly package to meet your specifications and allow modular fitment to the vehicle with no additional work. Our commitment is to deliver a cooling package that represents the best value for your investment.


Air Radiators develops innovative heat transfer solutions for On Highway applications using an extensive range of tested and proven products including:

Our cores are constructed using UltraFused header joint technology. Options include plate fin and CT type in copper or solder coated
Aluminium cores to lower cooling system weight
Charge Air Coolers featuring Ultra Seal technology
Pin Fin technology for auxiliary cooling
AC condensers
Recirculation seals
Fans and fan shrouds
Reserve tank

Using a modular design platform and our engineering prowess, we integrate these products into packaged cooling systems or individual components with a high degree of customization for all mobile applications.

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