Cooling Tower Solutions

Dry Coolers offer a closed loop solution to the traditional high maintenance Evaporative Cooling Tower.  The product is an ideal heat transfer solution in refrigeration, air conditioning and industrial processes.  The dry cooler technology allows for the cooling of glycol/water based mixtures for use in processes, particularly Refrigeration and HVAC, taking advantage of the ‘free cooling’ offered during low ambient conditions.

The Air Radiators - Radicon MAC Dry Coolers offer the traditional features of Dry Coolers, along with a modular construction, (MAC – Multi Advanced Cooling Cell), to allow fast and convenient servicing through the life of the product.  Each Cell is interchangeable throughout the life of the product, allowing for quick, easy and convenient change out of cooling modules should maintenance be required.

The efficient Aluminium cooling matrix combined with the ‘cellular’ construction, allows for a very close matching of the systems requirement to the cooling product.  Cells can easily be added or deleted from the design to optimise the cooling level to the exact needs of the system. High efficiency fan and drive systems ensure that noise and parasitic power is limited during operation, further optimising the dry cooler to the application.

The dry, closed loop nature of the product ensures that negatives associate with cooling towers such as plume, water consumption and bacterial growth is eliminated, reducing running and maintenance costs significantly. Available in vertical, horizontal and ‘V’ configuration, installed footprint is minimised resulting in minimal impact in the competing space available in roof top and utility allotments.

Adiabatic Coolers - Pre Coolers reduce the temperature of the ambient air approaching the radiator by between 10°C and 15°C depending on the local atmospheric conditions.

The pre cooled air thereby enables the radiator to supply water back to the process at a much lower temperature. This makes it possible for system to operate more efficiently.

How Pre Coolers Work

Ambient Air passing through the Pre Cooler is cooled by contact with the wetted pad surfaces of the pre cooler panels.

Pre Coolers work according to the same principles as evaporative air conditioners. The ambient air temperature is lowered through evaporation effect alone, without the need for additional energy to be used. Pre Coolers offer significant energy consumption and cost savings when compared to chiller systems.

Our Pre Coolers Offer:

Better performance. The improved effectiveness of the cooling system enables the process to operate in higher ambient conditions.
Savings. The reduced operating costs and extended engine life save you money.

Lower parasitic loads save on energy costs. Additionally, pre coolers use significantly less water than cooling tower installations.

Better design. Our compact and self contained designs save space and use robust components to ensure easy maintenance, particularly in harsh operating conditions.

Pre Coolers automatically activate only when required and are not breeding grounds for Legionella bacteria.