Motorised Electrodrive Tug improving efficiency of work process and safety of employees

A couple of new motorised Electrodrive Tugs were recently acquired to improve the efficiency of the work process as well as employee safety.

The tugs are currently being used at Air Radiators to transport trolleys carrying up to five radiator cores between the site’s JIT Cell and Heat Exchange department. 

Before the addition of the tugs, the trolleys were pushed manually and required two employees in order to transport the load which could be up to 150kg in weight. 

Through the use of the new motorised tugs, the process has been improved whereby only one employee is needed to push the trolley whereby the tug takes the full weight of the load.  

The Electrodrive Tug is powered by a battery and controlled by a steering handle with options to change the speed and direction as well as including a safety switch. 

Currently the tugs are being used in the JIT Cell and Heat Exchange due to the need of transferring the cores from one stage to the next.